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Senior Production Blog 10: The Final

So that's it, the production cycle for this semester has come to an end.

On Friday April 28, we had our senior show presentation of the games that we have been working on since last semester.

And that went well I think.

I saw people having fun playing it, and that's all I really want. I don't care if we were the best or worst, just that we worked as hard as we could, to do the best we could, to make a game that people would have fun playing.

So the last week before hand was a week long spring of getting in certain things that were missing (or broken) and trying as hard as we could to polish up what we had. And that is where all of my time went for that week. My schedule became, wake up, work, go to sleep, repeat.

When it came to my actual work, I really focused on general game bug fixes, and the combination of all the other programmers work into the full game. Which could have went a bit smoother if I had more people on the team play the game (because I play the exact same way every time, and missed tons because of it, also time) I know that they did often enough, but it was a little bit depressing getting a laundry list of fixable bugs once the game was submitted and outside of my control.

Other than that, the game seems to work pretty alright, with a weird crash that seems to happen 1-2000 times when it is transitioning scenes (I have no idea). So there are no bugs that are super game breaking that stops people have actually playing the game, but there are a few that are a bit annoying and might take the player out of the experience (like text being cut off).

Overall, our end product is something to be a bit proud of, and even though the entire time I was worried about how this would turn out, I can't beleive that I am at the end.

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