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The GrandMaster

Fall 2016-Fall 2017

The GrandMaster is a strange mix between a merchant resource management game, and a boss fight action adventure game. As the lead programmer on this game, I saw through this project from it's stages of inception, to project completion. This made me work on almost every aspect of the game, from the merchant interactions, to the boss fight AI. Made in UE4, this project makes use of both it's blueprint scripting system, and Unreal C++.


One Gun

Spring 2016

One Gun is a first person shooter, where the name of the game is to modify your weapon stats on the fly, in order to create the best gun for the situation. As a gameplay programmer on this team, I worked heavily on the player movement systems, player inputs, and player ui. I also served a secondary role as lead programmer making sure that the programmer team was on track to complete this project. This project was made in Unity3D with C#.


VR Racer

Spring 2016

VR Racer is a time trial based racing game, made in Unity 3D with the explicitly purpose of being played using a controller, and the Oculus Rift VR Headset. In this project, it was made by 4 programmers who wanted to explore and create with new technology. My responsibility on the team was to work on the vehicle physics and control,VR Racing game, that doesn't make you sick.

Projects: Project

Unreal AI Demo

Spring 2017-Ongoing

The basic concept of the game what that there is a large enemy within a confined playspace that the player must confront. The creature hunts the player using sound, and the player can only damage it when it is not hunting them. This is a small one-person project that was done in order to work with how behavior trees function in Unreal. Being having hunting, idle states, and attacks, it was a good way to set up different behaviors and states that the AI can choose from to simulate a creature within the playspace. It was also an experiment in using a sound system to simulate sounds from the player, and other environmental objects that can be used against, or for the benefit of the player during their hunt.


Cloth Physics Demo

Spring 2017

A demo demonstrating a simulated piece of cloth interacting with forces applied to it. This project was made in a customer physics engine that was designed over the course of the semester, with rendering working through OpenGL. My tasks on the project included researching different possible methods for the cloth simulation to be constructed, working on making the cloth particles (children of rigid-bodies) use Verlet integration instead of the base Euclidian based integration, and working on the springs that interconnect each of the different cloth particles together.

(The image above is an test example image, not an actual image from the project)


Untitled Turn-Based

Spring 2018-Ongoing

A new game project with the goal of practicing correct code architecture practices for having a project with both C++ and blueprints in Unreal Engine 4. The game itself is turn based, where the player and the enemy both take turns using attacks in order to reduce each other’s health to zero. In order to secure the most damage on their attacks, the player needs to use input during them. How correct this input is with what is displayed on screen determines the strength of the attack. On this project, I am the only programmer, as well as the project lead for the artists and designers working on the game.

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