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Unannounced VR Game

Unity C#; PC

Spring 2020- Ongoing

Signal Space Lab

An unannounced VR experience for PC.

  • Unity C#, with a target launch platform of PC.

  • Collaborated heavily in pre-production on technical requirements and limitations, as well as creating and iterating on technical documentation and architecture diagrams. 

  • Worked on quick iterations of possible VR interactions, and spent time making them designer friendly, so further iteration could be done by the design team. 

Ship Date: Late 2021

Unannounced Game

Unity C#; PC

Summer 2019 - Ongoing

Signal Space Lab

An unannounced action adventure game that will be coming to PC and Consoles.

  • Unity C#, with a target launch platforms of the PC, PS4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch. 

  • Involved heavily in the conceptualization process to offer technical input. 

  • Collaborated with my team to design robust architectures for the game systems. 

  • Developed several unique and experimental prototypes in order to test ideas, systems, and mechanics. 

  • Worked on creating the core AI behavior of the enemies, and used industry patterns to give them better decision making.

  • Across the project, also worked on many of the different auxiliary systems needed in order to create a core game loop. 

Ship Date: Late 2021


Signal Space Lab

Unity C#; PC, Mobile(GearVR, Oculus Go)

Summer 2018 - Current

A live action VR interactive film that takes you through the life of a family trying to come to terms with themselves and each other after the events of a horrible catastrophe. A Full 360 video film that changes based on where the user looks, and their interaction with pieces of the environment.

  • Unity C#, with a target launch platforms of the Oculus Rift, Oculus Go, and Gear VR.

  • Worked from the very beginning to plan out effective, robust, and efficient architecture for the entire project.

  • Created the video "chunk" management system for the efficient displaying of the high resolution 360 video. 

  • Created the "gaze control" system that tracks where players are looking in order to influence the outcome of the film.

  • Worked on smaller systems such as the audio management, the data persistence, and organisation/optimization of data for packaging to target mobile platforms. 

Shipped Date: August 2019

My Paper World

Signal Space Lab

Unity C#; Mobile(iOS)

Summer 2018 - Spring 2019

An educational AR mobile game that helps instruct children through origami folding, while also educating them about environmental impact. The folding of the paper is taught through the use of Vuforia AR image tracking technologies, and once their models are folded, they can start to create, and populate a world through an AR lens. 

  • Unity C# and Vuforia, for the target platform of iOS mobile device, with a later launch date for Android planned.

  • Created base game architecture layout in the pre-production phase, including the encapsulation of Vuforia elements.

  • Created manager Singletons for audio and video.

  • worked on the creation of UI menu panels for the origami folding segment of the game. 

  • Worked closely with artists and designers to also make sure of a robust content pipeline.

Shipped Date: April 2019

Mel's Wake

Signal Space Lab

Unity C#; PC, Mobile(GearVR, Oculus Go)

Spring 2018 - Summer 2018

A live action VR interactive film where the viewer takes on the role of Mel after her sudden passing, and is viewing a party of her closest friends. A precursor to Afterlife, makes use of a similar gaze control system to hear the "truth speak" of what Mel's friends are thinking.

  • Unity C#, with a target launch platforms of the Oculus Rift, Oculus Go, and Gear VR.

  • Came onto the project later, as the development team wanted to make the project more robust, and build off of it.

  • Refactored the project from using a visual scripting plugin to using Unity C#.

  • Add in player start tracking and persistence to the project. 

  • Added in the additional gameplay like elements that were planned once the project had been refactored, which included multiple playthroughs with different "true speaks" to listen to, and opening and ending portions.

Shipped Date: August 2018

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