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Senior Production Blog 8

Well this had a long time coming.

While spending time fixing bugs and adding art assets, I had completely neglected the adventurer system. You know, one of the pillars of our game.

So I had to get it done.

And in one caffeine fueled night I did.


Most of it.

The core anyway.

So I finished up a system that basically expands on the adventurer system that we had in the past. It allows the player to equip items to the adventurers to increase the chance that they have to complete a quest. Adds leveling up, and adds damage taken on quest failure. Each level adds 1 percent to the success chance (pretty weak, yeah, but it’s something) and if the health is zero, than the adventurers success chance is also zero.

Also added was that when a quest is complete, you complete the quest in the shop screen with the adventurer coming back and telling you about the quest. It’s something small, but face time with your adventurer group helps.

What excites me about this is the fact that it now gives a use to each of your items outside of just being things to sell to customers. You can now give them to your adventurers in order to help them out in quests, and make sure that they stay healthy.

To me, it is a nice touch of personality to the game.

On top of that, I also was able to get a really rough implementation of the customer dialogue system in (as in a front end to it so the player can interact with it) so that way we can start testing it. It works by having the customer have a personality trait, and then trying to have the player find the pitch that would best match the personality trait. It’s simple, but if we can implement it correctly, then it could add a lot to the game.

The troll boss is also making some good headway, the only thing that is really holding us back on that is the fact that a ton of it is tied to the animations, so we have to wait for the artists to finish animating the boss in order to accurately put him in game.

Everyone made good headway this week, a few more like these and we are looking solid!

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