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Senior Production Blog 7

Work work work.

Progress is being made on getting the different pieces done and implemented, so I am happy on that end. The customer and dialogue system is up and functional enough that we should be able to hook it up to the front end and hopefully start testing what we have. And on the boss side of things, we have the second worm archetype done, and work is now being shifted to work on the second boss, the troll.

During our full team meeting this week, we decided to shift our plans a bit in order to accommodate the fact that time is not on our side. There was supposed to be a third boss that the player would be able to fight, but given the fact that our team lacks the resources need to reach this goal (namely, artists and programmers), it became a tall order to fill. So we decided instead to do the smart thing, to use assets that we are already creating in order to make the final boss fight one that has both bosses in it. So it will be the troll and the worm at the same time.

Cool right? I think it is.

So that takes a bit of stress off of us, as now we can focus on making the troll fight the best it can be. And spend more time polishing as we go.

We seem to be on track, but once again “slowly but surely”.

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