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Senior Production Blog 6

So it’s been quite a long time since I updated, sorry about that. Things got busy quickly like I mentioned might happen.

So from last time, we got back on track with our time schedule, but work was still moving slower than I would like. I would be asked a few times a few how my team is doing, and the phrase “slowly but surely” is an apt one.

We are getting the work done, and I am super proud of that from my programming team, but sometimes I just wish it was a bit faster. I can’t really blame them though, considering they are both jumping into a new engine without prior training, and trying to balance this with the the rest of the programming classes we have (which is not making it easy for us). A lot of the work is done in the back end as well, so it is hard to tell the exact progress that is being made at the moment, and our weekly check-ins usually involve the phrase “still working on this”.

The customer/dialogue system is being worked out through c++, and seems to be going well. Had a meeting on the best way to implement what we have into the current game so at least we are making strides there. The boss fights as well are slowly coming together with the near completion of the second worm archetype. The adventurer system on the other hand (the one I am working on) is falling behind simply because of the amount of work elsewhere there is to do. Being the programming coming from the old project, I am the one that knows the architecture of the game well enough that if something happens, I can jump over to fix it, or at the very least help.

However eventually, that adventurer system needs to get done.

This slowness is not limited to just the programming team either. From the outside looking in, it seems that the other disciplines are having a similar pace in trying to get work done, from the art assets, to their in game implementation.

Considering the time we have left, we are going to have to kick it up a notch here sooner or later, and lord help me if I get swamped when that happens.

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