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Senior Production Blog 5

Things are slightly better now.

After last week’s issue we reevaluated where we stand given he time we have left and what we still need to get done, and we are still relatively speaking on track.

Relatively is the key word here.

While progress is being made on the boss fighting and the customer interaction based system (slowly but surely), I feel like we are falling a bit behind on the adventurer system and even a bit on the player character on the boss fights. This is simply because we have been putting tons of time,effort, and energy into more important core system, that some of these smaller ones are getting brushed over.

With all that being said, in our meetings this week I talked with the designers about the fact that when it comes to the adventurer system we might have to cut down on it. Through our discussion we decided to try and scope it back for now, to help fit it within our time schedule. So we decided to remove stats from the adventurers, and instead just focus on the chance of getting an item. Which is great, because that is one less thing that I have to worry about implementing when it comes to everything else, and we get to keep the system in the game.

When it came to talking about the player character in the boss fights, the designers mentioned they would talk about it in the next design meeting they have. So I’ll have to hold on for clarification on that one.

The issue I have with the boss fight character as it stands is that it is all well and good if we have these bosses for the player to battle against, but if it doesn’t control well or feel good to player, then it does not matter too much. And in order to me to help fix some of that, I need a better idea of what we are going for when it comes down to players abilities, attacks, and movement options. Like how does the dash work? Do we just want two attacks? Do we want the heavy to have a cooldown? These are questions that I can’t find a recent document to answer, and I don’t want to time sink myself into working on making it good when I can be working on a system that needs to be completed.

Like the adventurer system.

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