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Senior Production Blog 3

Another relatively slow week when it comes to visible things done with the build, but we are all hard at work making sure that the groundwork is laid out for content to be added in when we can.

The programming team has added a bunch of data driven stuff to their systems, so that when they are complete, the designers will just be able to add and modify values in a text file in order to balance out systems in the game. This was done for both the customer system and the worm boss.

I spent most of my time this week adding in a bunch of small changes to the build to start trying to give a better idea of what we are dealing with when it comes to everything that we want to add in to the shop screen. I added art assets from the artists for the player model and the customer model, moved the camera back, and gave it a bit of a sway to give the illusion of movement in the scene. With that I have also added in some changes to get ready for the more advanced adventurer system that we have been planning out for a while.

All the while I have been having in depth discussions with the design team, especially the narrative team about what we can do to give a sense of world in our game. It’s all well it good if we have huge wall of texts to give information to the player about the world and it’s character, but even if it well written, we still have the issue where it is a wall of text. So there have been talks about how to make it a bit easier for the player to feel less intimated by the information being presented to them, such as breaking up lines of text, and even having different colored words to give emphasis on certain parts of dialogue.

Another design discussion that was had this week was about a possible progression system based on actions taken by the player in order to progress them to different tiers. I am figuring it will be as simple as having a metric tracking players progress when it comes to certain actions, but we’ll see when we get to it. It still needs to be planned out, and there are other tasks that are more important to get done at the moment.

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