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Senior Production Blog 2

This week was a bit slow all things considered, but we started getting more of a sense of what needs to be done on this project in order to call it complete.

The programming team has been splitting their time between fixing some bugs that have shown up in the game (that needed to be fixed from last semester) and for the newer members, learning the in and outs of unreal and the project they are working on.

Slow going, but we expect to speed it up as the project continues forward.

One of the the bigger changes to the game that we talked about this week was the fact that we want to make the camera for the shop screen a bit closer to the one that we have for the boss fights, top down isometric. This should help the artists as the models needed for the customer interactions don’t need to be super detailed if the camera is farther away. The only thing that we would need to add is a model for the player character in the shop screen, and since that is already being done for the boss fights, it is not outside the realm of possibility. Also it works since we need to redo the interior of the shop anyway, we can make it from the ground up to match this new perspective.

Another issue that we need to tackle with this as well is trying to figure out a way to add some movement to the shop in order to give it some life. With our original scene, while 3D, it’s stillness gave it the impression of a still image instead of one with life to it. I talked to the artists and bounced around a few ideas from customers wondering in and looking around, to just snow or particles outside. So we’ll see where that goes.

For next week we are planning to get some more system work done o we can start to add new content to the game for testing.

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