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Senior Production Blog 1

After capstone production, the teams that go forward into Senior production, with larger teams and the goal to make a complete game by the end of the semester.

So altogether, it seems like it is going to be a way more stressful. Yay.

This first week, it was all about getting the team together on the same page. Since my team went forward from capstone production(and I was the only programmer) I am the programmer lead for the team. What this entails is on top of the programming I am going to be doing for the project, it is also my responsibility to make sure that the other programmers joining the team have everything they need in order to do their jobs. Explaining the project, answering questions, making sure we are staying on task, creating a time sheet to get time estimates of the features of the game, and so on and so forth so that way we can get this project done.

So that’s what we did this last week or so (it was slightly longer than a week). I held two programmer meetings to get those time estimates, to sort out tasks to people, then to start helping the programmers to get started on working with our code base, and to help get the new programmers included(there’s a better word here that I can’t think of) into the team.

On the programming end, this week was pretty light. I worked on moving code from UI screens assets (A BAD thing to have) to other objects (the right thing to do) that way the designers will not get too intimated by the amount of code inside the UI widget. At the moment, it will just call functions from the objects needed, instead of the whole block of code.

This next week, I need to finish up moving the code to the correct objects, and there were some new plans that involved moving around camera angles, and changing the layout of the main merchant screen. With that, I will be working with the designers to make sure they understand how the UI tools work in Unreal, and start working on getting in some better UI.

After that, I need to work on getting some of the newer ideas in for the adventure system as well, so we can start getting some newer systems in place and get to QA.

Fun fun fun.

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