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Capstone Production Blog 9




A lot of the feedback that we get is that we need to get narrative down. I kept thinking that just having the world exist and having the player be a part of it would be enough. But it seems we need to work more towards a personal story.


So one thing that was done to give a bit more of a connection between everything was to create a map. This is a button that the player can access in their shop screen, and what it does is that it fills the screen with a map of the world their in. From here, they can send out their adventurers on quests, they can go fight the boss, and they can reach their suppliers. This was a super simple addition that really made all of the difference when it came to the way we were presenting our systems.

With that, I had work to do. That quest system manager I said we might not do? Well I had to now! The quest need to have a lot of information tied to them, including now their location on the map, so it was better to just make it so that instead of three hard coded quests, multiple quests can appear at a time (in groups of 3) on the map that the player can choose from. They each have different times, and different stuff given to them.

From there, I created markers on the supplier screen that when click now bring up the supplier instead of just having a button in the main shop.

And finally, there is a giant moving worm in the center of the map that the player can click on in order to fight the boss and get some items.

However this still does not cover our narrative problem, so our designers had an idea. Why not have a tutorial arc where the player can learn the game, and then fight the boss at the end of it. So I started to get to work on making a tutorial for our game, considering that we needed one anyway. Shouldn’t be super hard to get that done, and then to start working on polishing what we have for Winter Showcase.

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