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Capstone Production Blog 6

Hey there,

So from here there was still a major system that needed to be in place in order to test our idea effectively, the adventurer system. A system where you can send out people on quests in order to come back with items to sell in your shop, and gain experience doing it. So with that, I created the frame work of what the basic adventurers is (a class with all the information in it) and then made a manager that would display everything out to the player.

This actually did not take too long in the grand scheme of things. Sure it has the quests hard coded for now, but it gets the basic idea across of how this system might interact with the rest of the game.

Speaking of interacting with the rest of the game, I had to link together the shop and the boss fight more closer together than it was. So what I did was create a save game file that saves when the player leaves the shop map, loads when the boss map opens, and then saves again with the player switches back (either by winning or clicking the go back button).

So what does this mean?

Well the player inventory is saved over, so the player can have stuff added to it in one level, and it will remain in the next. Like items for winning a boss fight.

So the player gets a random amount of items for winning the boss fight, items from the adventurers, and at the current moment, items for clicking the buttons (they take away net worth and give the player the item). So the systems are starting to come together, and the game is starting to take shape. Now it comes down to refining what we have to be fun to use and go through.

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