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Capstone Production Blog 5

So this week, I had two things that needed to get done.Inventory system, and boss fight finishing up.

The inventory system is something that needed to get done quickly. The boss fight was in working order for now, so in order to get something to testing, we needed to get down an inventory system and basic buying and selling in place.

So I worked as hard as I could this week, researching how to do it correctly, and implementing it in a basic usable way and I got it done!


So right now, you have a player inventory, there are debug buttons on the sides that allow you to add items to it, or clear the inventory. Just as well, there is a button that spawns a customer who will then try and buy it from you bringing up the haggle slider. If the value in their range of acceptable prices, they will buy it and add the price to your net worth.

Very simple. Just time consuming to implement. But this week I also found the time to finish the idea I had for the boss fight.

So basically it works on a piece system, when the boss moves, it becomes untargetable, and invisible to the player, but leaves behind bits when it moves. When it reaches it’s location, then it reappears to the player. All the health is linked together, the damage you do to the bits will be done to the main. The bigger thing that needs to be changed is the fact that we now need to change it from shooting to being more of a sword swing, given the new setting in mind.

But yeah, mostly work this week, and most likely more work next week.

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