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Capstone Production Blog 4

So it has been even longer since the last post, so again sorry about that. I got really caught up in the capstone production rush that I have not been writing down what has happened!

So we came up with the systems and idea for the game, Grand Master, but how do we actually get it done?

Planning mostly.

So after a few more meetings (not as long as the one we had on the conception of the idea), we started to come together with a plan. What can we do this semester? And how much did we need to have in to show a very accurite example of what this idea is. So we settled on one boss fight (the worm), the merchant aspect of the game, and the managing of adventurers (most likely only one this year).

With that, I started on my task of creating a base work of what systems we need in order for this game to work. I branched off my work from the worm fighter prototype, created an identical map and started my work of adding ui logic to the screen that would allow the player to sell objects. The biggest risk with this was the inventory system that we needed to get down early. This took more time than expected, and had to be pushed off until next week.

On top of that, I was challenged to spent quite a bit of time trying to get the boss fight to be more than it was for our warm fighter prototype (that is, a cylinder that shoots rings, and you shoot back at it). The challenge itself was to show how a worm would move in this kind of environment to give a better idea of what kind of boss this would look like.

Which I got working! Sort of! I have the bare bones of a cylinder that moves between points, but it still doesn’t really work the way that I think people would expect a worm to. So again, I might need to work on that later next week as well.

So as the one and only programmer, I have my work cut out for me. So all I can do now to work smartly, and get done what will get us to testing the fastest.

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