Capstone Production Blog 11

Alright, so this is it. The end of the end.

I finished up the tutorial and we spent a solid week going over every single text in the game and making sure it all works together.

I also helped the designer add more quests and items to the game to give it some more content to work with.

From there, I added some more art to the adventurer system and added more art for the map in general as well. Now most icons on the map move.

Then I needed to polish our main menu. We had one in place that our designers made, but I needed to add the final sideshow that we wanted to have introducing the game. This was just time consuming, but once it was finished, I have to say I thought it looked pretty cool.

And then the hours spent on bug fixing. I play through the game a lot and some how I keep missing large amounts of bugs that others keep finding. So I am constantly based on QA results, or mostly from my own team, fixing the various different issues that come about because I forgot to make a check somewhere.

After days of bug fixing, and adding smaller features, we decided to make a time for our programming lock. We play tested it over and over and over again until the lock, and I think I got most of the huge game breaking issues fixed up and sorted out.

Now we just have to present our game, have the faculty play test it, and then pray.