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Capstone Production Blog 10

Turns out that making a tutorial is a pain in the butt.

So every ui object or item needs to have now a new check to see if you are in the tutorial, just so it knows whether or not it can show. And that it taking a long time. It is not hard, just tedious. I know that we need this for our game so people can play it effectively, and as well so we can have the narrative arc in place for the player, but there is so much other things to do, and the tedium of this task is driving me insane.

On a more positive note, we are getting some positive feedback in QA. People seem to like our game, and want to see more of it. Even the people that were concerned that we are just merging together two different ideas. So we moving in the right track. A lot of the constructive feedback has been with bugs (there have been a lot more since the map) and with our menu layout when it comes to readability. So we have tried hiding more things when the player doesn’t need them, and trying to make things clear that need to be clear.

A lot of the feedback that we have gotten from our professor has been nitpicks about how the ui operates, which we went ahead and fixed. Though I am not sure if it is a good sign that our teacher is focused on our nitpicks, and not our game. That either means we are on the right track of polishing it, or there is a lot wrong with it. I am really hoping for the latter on that one!

And with that, I have to go back to my life of trying to get the full tutorial to work.

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