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Capstone Production Blog 3

Wow, it’s been awhile. Sorry about that!

Anyway, so since we last left off we had three ideas and we were trying to decide between the three.

So instead of being normal about it and picking one idea, the team came together and decided that we should instead mash the two more favorable ideas into one super idea. Now the reason this happened was because the team was relatively split on what idea we go forward on.

Do we go for the interesting, innovative, but harder to really nail down idea of the merchant game “My Prices are More than Fair”, or do we go with the relatively easier, quicker paced, but brings nothing new to the table, top down shooter “Warm Fighter”?

After long days of heated deliberating between the ideas, we were given a challenge of trying to flesh out the loop of the merchant game by adding elements from our other game idea.

Being the educated college students we are, we smashed the two ideas together and started to take the pieces from them that worked into a completely new game concept.

Blending together the merchant aspects of “My Prices”, and the boss rush style of “Warm Fighter”, we have here the game “Grand Master”, where the player plays as a rugged experienced adventurer who never found their wealth in the travels, so who decided to set up shop in a small town to try and make his fortune. To get his goods to sell, he can either haggle with other merchants in the town, send out novice adventurers to gather them for the Grand Master (and maybe become experienced along the way), or they can head out into the wilds alone, using their years of training to take out giant creatures and selling the loot acquired.

So I like it. A lot. It is pretty scope heavy, but I think that might be a good trade off in order to get everyone on board with the game concept.

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