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Capstone Production Blog 2

There has been a lot that’s happened in the time between the posts here, and I am super excited to write about it.

So we still have three ideas coming out of our entire team brainstorming session, and this week was focused on making those ideas scaled up to the most that they could possibly be, get prototypes finished, and start planning out some QA sessions for testing.

Before any of that, we had a bit of a team issue that had to be dealt with in the beginning of the week.

I got really attached to one of the ideas that we were concepting, so much so that I was not working as hard on the other two, just to make this one better. This created frustration in the other team members because it turned this idea from a team idea, to one where parts of the team were left out of it’s discussion.

I took a step back, realized that I was creating frustration in the team, and moved to be more impartial about our game ideas, and to provide more work and feedback towards the others, liked I have toward my favored one.

This is very important to note because as a team, it could have been a start of a huge communication issue that could have lasted the entire semester, but we faced it down, had an emergency meeting about it, and now the team is better for it.

Now, on to the actual work work done this week.

So for myself I pitched in a good amount with fleshing out our game concepts, and I worked on making the prototype for our top down shooter “Warm Fighter”. This was done in Unreal and I pretty much spent the time making it as workable as a prototype I could, and learning more about the engine that we are going to use for senior project no matter what.

John Salagaj, one of our designers, worked hard this week on getting the Wizards in Training prototype done in Unity, and I think it works very very well for showing off what we are looking at for core gameplay loop in this game. I spent a really tiny bit of time this week as well helping John fix a few bugs with the prototype. Just so we don’t get testers complaining about it.

Our other designer Tony Bennie worked this getting up the other prototype for “My Prices are more than Fair” which was awesome because we were thinking that it would be a paper prototype, but now we have a digital one to work with.

As of right now, all of our prototypes are finished (only because they do what we need them to do), and we are looking to the week to further flesh out our pitch, and to get more QA sessions in to get as much feedback as we can about our chosen ideas.

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