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Capstone Production Blog 7

So a lot of the things done this week came in the form of trying to make the systems editable by the design team.

So before this, I created a rough system where you can add items to the game by creating a child class of a “master item”, so it would have all of the information fields in it, you just need to fill them out. So far, we have the apple, sword, and helmet. Basic items that fit into the 3 tiers of items we were thinking about (food, weapon, armor). These items each have a tag that goes with it’s item, and certain customers will only buy from that tag.

Speaking of the customer system, that was made up by having a random customer spawn based on what type of item they were looking for (food, weapon, etc.), then from there, it creates their name, what type of wealth they are(rich, poor, medium), and what their true item is. The true item is the item that they would be willing to spend a lot on. This is gathered from what the person says when the player chooses to talk with them. These are all picked by random in the blueprint class for each customer. So with this, the designers can add specific customers that say specific things and want specific items.

With this, I also needed to make an in game way for the player to get items. I can’t just have the button that spawns stuff for everything. So I created a supplier system, which acts just like the customers, except when they spawn, they open up a menu that allows the player to buy things from them. Right now, there are the weapon seller, the armor seller, and the food seller. They can be accessed from a menu button in the shop map. They can also be edited in the same way that the customers can.

So with this, I want to implement the same system for the quests where there is a manager for them, and they are different ones instead of just the three hard coded ones I have in place. But there is still so much to do, I am not sure if I am going to find the time.

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